Green Skills are ‘the knowledge, abilities, values and attitudes needed to live in, develop and support a society which reduces the impact of human activity on the environment’(Cedefop, 2010a).

We are developing the first open and multilingual e-learning platform for FIREFIGHTERS on GREEN SKILLS.

This e-learning platform will be available here in five languages (English, Danish, Lithuanian, Greek and Spanish) in May 2023. Meanwhile, if you are interested in following the project development, we invite you to regularly visit this website.


Kickoff meeting

On 26th November, the kickoff meeting of the European project Green Skills for Firefighters took place online.

In this first meeting of the project, the delegates from the nine partner organisations established the guidelines and work plan for the development of the e-learning platform.

Once the first development is completed, the e-learning platform will be tested with firefighters from five EU countries. The firefighters will first complete the e-learning and afterwards, they will put in practice what they have learnt by implementing some measures of environmental sustainability in their fire stations. Based on the feedback from the testers, the project partners will define and implement the necessary improvements before the publication of the e-learning platform, in May 2023, in five languages -English, Danish, Lithuanian, Greek and Spanish-. The e-learning platform will be published under a Creative Commons license. Thus allowing anyone to freely use it, modify it and build upon.